In order to expand the tourist offer and shed light on the naval history of Dubrovnik, the Croatian companies “Navicula” and “‘Fortuna Navis” took on the complex task of constructing a replica of the historical ship Karaka, an extremely important trade vessel that sailed during the era of the Republic of Dubrovnik (1272.-1808.).

According to the historical data from the 16th century, the Karaka was one of the largest ships in the world, at the time. The Republic of Dubrovnik built nearly 200 ships that sailed all over the world, which gave it the reputation of a nation of masterful builders of large ships – carracks and galleons.  Between the 14th and the 17th century the Karaka was, in light of its size and commercial purpose, one of the most important ships of the Mediterranean Sea and can thus truly be considered the predecessor of all the sailboats developed up to the 19th century.

In order to create an authentic sixteenth-century feel, every possible detail was given particular attention during the construction of the Karaka. In the meantime, many aspects of the ship were adapted to the standards of modern tourism – therefore the entire interior of the ship is air-conditioned for the comfort of the passengers. Although Karaka’s foundation is made of steel, its interior is designed as a magnificent historical artefact.


Not only is Karaka a symbol of Dubrovnik, but also offers all kinds of catering services and represents a valuable addition to Dubrovnik’s offer of conference facilities. It is ideal for incentive programmes (whether by day or by night), wedding ceremonies, themed cruise events, cocktail parties, romantic dinners, celebrations and many more. This is truly a unique way of exploring the Adriatic coast. The Karaka is an ideal place for hosting all kinds of events:

Corporate events (incentive programmes, trips, team building programmes, business meetings and banquets, press conferences, gala dinners, cocktail cruises, product promotions and presentations etc.)

Private events (wedding ceremonies, gala dinners, themed wedding parties, anniversaries, dinner and cocktail cruises etc.)

Excursions (full-day and half-day cruises, sightseeing of tourist attractions and the coast, island hopping, panorama cruises, themed cruises etc..)

Commercial and special events (music events, promotional activities, TV and film shoots, photo sessions etc.)

Our story

We began our story with a wish and a determination to bring to life an important historic symbol that represented Dubrovnik.  In beginning, is was just a dream and a strong will. A will to do something different and a dream to show it to the world.

We made this dream come true. The Karaka ship is our star and we are tremendously proud of it.

For us, Karaka represents not only the tradition, history, and the respect for those who created it and Dubrovnik, but also the innovation and passion it represents.

We started with Karaka and continued to grow with it.  Our moto is to strive to make everyone enjoy the beauties of Dubrovnik and our products that were made to help you fully experience the Croatian coastline and everything it has to offer. After all, despite all the technology, the ones you are dealing with are people – they will organize, pay attention, show you around, and take care of you!

This is what we do best, take care of you while you are in Dubrovnik, our home. Therefore, our team would be very honoured to be chosen as your host and organizer of your activities while you are in the Dubrovnik area.

You just have to relax and enjoy and let us do the rest!

KarakaTravel Dubrovnik d.o.o. is part of Signumšped group.



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